Something about Me!

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No really, there's something about me…you should know: I like to create! And I don't mean doodling on the edges of a notepad while sitting in a meeting (though that happens), I mean, like Creation type stuff. Mind you, for the most part 'it' comes out in visual and written form. But "my world" is Creativity. I am inspired by music that is less about riding the wave of popularity and more about expressing one's self. I have a wonderful son who creates music but is reluctant to share it beyond a few in his family. His music doesn't fit in a genre, but if it did, it would sound best in commercials, the background of movies and television. Without words, his music has depth and purpose and like a wonderful classic jazz symphony, his music is about communicating what the heart cannot. That's creativity for me; those things that linger on the tongue and the mind, but don't easily fall off. Truths, depths of meaning that, long after you have 'understood', it provides greater insight.

So I write; I find it hard not to. It would be one thing to be a guy who is always in conversation, or when I'm engaged in it, to dominate the conversation. No, I have learned to listen far more than I speak; to listen when words aren't being said.

And yet, the power of a single word, an image, an impression…can’t minimize it.

I don’t have a pedigree; I’ve had my works displayed in a show a few years ago but decided perhaps I wasn’t ready for that ’scene.’ I’m getting back to art after a very long time so for now, I paint, I draw and someday soon, I’ll show my work.