Sit with Me Awhile

I'm up at a time I would normally be deep asleep. It's time for work! But I've been at it for at least 15 hours already. I just watched my computer take 30 minutes or more load programs; like watching paint dry or the hairs grey in my beard.

In a few minutes, I'll shut down this machine for the night. I walked passed the studio where the other work occurs…tsk, tsk, tsk! A lot of pretending and 'imagining' occurs in my head and lately, doesn't come to bear on paper and canvas. I got lots of excuses, but this is not the place to air them.

So sit with me for awhile
Bear with me as we consider how to reverse the earth's orbit
Let's churn the waters of the Atlantic
Cool off the equatorial islands
And give the blue whale flight

Take a load off
Come and sit
As I watch the mysteries of colors form
Of love grow old
And children's limbs extend beyond 2T sizes

We're in this together
In this sojourn
This long legged journey
And we aint going nowhere
Until we are gone somewhere

Sit with a brother
Who has seen mourned and laughed at a lot
Let's talk about what who did to when
And spin a tale about stuff we nothing about

Life is a funny twist of hair, of mysteries and moments when an epiphany brushes across the tops of our head and fades just as fast!
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