Art is Life?

Quite a statement, especially if you aren’t an artist. It’s a statement that rings true, to a certain extent, for me. But if you had seen me 20 years ago, you wouldn’t know it. I would not touch pencil to paper, or paint to canvas and was near adamant against it. It’s no wonder that when I write nowadays, I write about everything but the paintings or drawings I’m working on. And when I consider using my voice to instruct, the subject matter is “around” art, not using art as the focal point.

I have considered creating a podcast and more than likely will do it and post it here. And yet, whenever I consider it, my subject is on the philosophy of painting, the power felt when one submits to what seems inconvenient, but oh so desired! The power of expressing one’s self…the pure joy of allowing talents to come forward, to entertain, but so much more. The ability to serve one another and to address higher needs than filling another person’s life with empty promises! That’s art; that is LIFE!

Last year at this time, I sat with a painting called Linen: Orisha Yemaya…the idea behind it is based partly on a dancer I saw on YouTube years ago, Yusima Moya Rodriguez. She performs a dance in a spacious dance studio, a dance evoking the them of Orisha Yemaya, one of the African goddesses of waterways. It was the dance, powerful, energetic and passionate, that inspired the spin on my series, called Linen, that left me pondering. A year later, I have an ‘empty room’ painted and still no Yemoja (the Yoruban variant) in the room. But that’s a story for another time.

Life is happening all around us, in us and beyond our natural comprehensive skills to fathom. But so is art; there are rituals, parodies, going on around us. A coworker, upon hearing that I rendered mostly abstract images, said he WANTED TO KNOW - translation: he was overwhelmed - with the idea of the abstract. Abstract renderings, with or without a title, are also an attempt to represent, to express an emotion or thought about…life…


It’s been months since I posted anything here…life happens and turns in ways far too numerous to reiterate. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s the world we live in. There are ‘undiscovered’ tribes of people in this world we may never come to know about. But they are no less significant than all of us living in this seemingly ‘connected’ labyrinth of a world!

Life happens…that feels like a theme. I began this year, writing on my white board, plans and goals for this year. Some were realized, some remain hanging in the ether, to be realized at a later date…or maybe not. What I didn’t anticipate was the load a ‘possibility’ could be. A suggestion from an artist friend, an avenue to explore should the path open up. A channel to increased sales and revenue. So I ventured down that path. I can sum up the activities of this year as laying foundations, building roads, curves, putting up street signs that I hope lead me (and others) down a path to greater possibility!

I have known most of my life that I loved the idea of both the business as well as the creative. I have loved the idea of connecting to others as an artist and writer, but also as an individual providing shelter, comfort and a safe and sympathetic ear…the possibilities that open as you explore these aspects of ‘self!’ And I did anticipate that combining the two was ideal, but something difficult to manage. It’s been a very challenging year, diving into the world of art and business! More of that at a later date!