After While

This passes
Though in the moment
I can’t imagine it does
The feelings
the anxious thoughts
And sense that dark night never ends

It will be all over
After while
When there is no more night
when the sense of distance
and alienation aren’t a memory
when friend and foe
alike sit at the same table
and at the foot of the King

When the light never dims
and soaring hearts reign
when gold crowns
well earned
through days of endless pain
and exhausting devotion
give way to a throne shining
The one seated there
receiving the crowns we earned
because He earned them through our efforts
and His spirit…

Musing and Energy

Personal space
Give in or fight like hell…

Your touch
Doesn’t ask permission
Inopportune and persuasive
I resist
And without warning
You’re gone

I long for your presence
Crave it like a cold body craves heat
We’re not like that
You think you run the show

Used to find you near
When the rest of the world slept
you showed up
But that song and dance
A distant memory

Out of the blue
“something out of nothing’
There you ARE

Cold hands
Warm heart
you mesmerize
And I have to give in

Ride the Wave

What persuades someone to get on a board to stand on that same plank and “ride the wave?” Seriously, I don’t know and for the time being, I’m hardly interested in knowing first hand! But I do know that a tidal wave is rising in front of me, at this very moment! I do know on the other side of it is a sense of accomplishment if nothing else. I do know I can stay in an easy chair and let this thing submerge me…

But, oh I know I’m made of bigger things. On more than a few occasions, I have seen what others cannot see and DONE what I could not in common times. I have seen me in a quick vision in the back seat of a limousine, while speeding through a toll booth (the road disappearing for a few seconds around me). I have lifted weight that at other times I said I would have to “build up to.” I have pushed cars out of snow when I was a skinny teenager…why give up/in now?

This wave is coming fast and I would love to say I have the balls to face it down. I don’t know I just know I’m moving on a gut instinct that will not allow fear to stop me. I’m riding this wave!

Trust Your Shoes

Trust Your Shoes

They know the way to go
your journey has twists and dips
and the way is rocky
you’re going to need some protection
they are close to the surface

Trust your shoes
When the rain
and snowfalls come
When the heat of the sun is burning your head
heating your thoughts
you’ll need protection for your feet
‘cause they will need to keep going

Trust your shoes
‘cause your toes are there
Needing to go on
Needing the journey to come to an end

Trust your shoes
In this journey called life
We have a long ways to go
And your feet can’t bear the weight all alone


…and heroines. The culture motivated me to read about Black history. It was “the times,” the era of blacks making statements, the post civil rights era and we were still in the “revolutionary” phase. People in general were secure enough to seek homes in the suburbs in droves and in search of a “better life.” We were building family, community and raising one’s self-consciousness. Of course, any “movement” has it’s share of selfish, opportunistic people and those who believe ‘this’ is about getting “mine.” But in general the times were good. I learned a great deal in those years about the history of our people. I learned it from the American side of things as well as Africa and the rarely discussed perspective of our influence in other nations.

But I focused my attention on a few key figures in the history of America: Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman, John Brown, W.E.B. Dubois of and of course Martin Luther King. I was in discussions with friends and family that helped me learn about names like Medgar Evers and then there was Malcolm X; he became a giant in my mind!

But history doesn’t stop in the past. Even now, there are those who are fighting battles we are certain we will lose. There are those who seem foolish for taking the stand they do and yet, the day will come when they will take their place in the hall of fame.

And of course, I must bring it back to Y-O-U. While I suspect I know what you think of you - both the highs and lows - I believe there are days where you can’t imagine your accomplishments will be written about…you may be correct, you might be wrong. You can’t imagine anyone thinks highly of you, to the degree of admiration, but think again. Consider, dear one, you are admired for your ability to dream, analyze, connect and achieve! And while you may or may not be a Harriet Tubman or Madame C.J. Walker or a Marcus Garvey, you are Y-O-U! And as far as I’m concerned, you have a place in the list of heroes and heroines!

Spinning Top

The Elements 1
The energy that is around me is a spinning bit of energy. But it’s orbit feels off kilter, as if it should be aligned, rolling sequentially and harmonically. My hands feel ill equipped to change or alter the rotation, though Lord knows I’ve tried. And this is the story of my life.

I don’t sit back and wait, though at times, I wish I could - or had. I jump in, mess things up, try again, pray, beg, plead and try again. I ask for help, people, ancestors, God and at times, the sense is: “not yet.” But “yet” seems too far away, so I try again, or sit impatiently, waiting, looking for any type of change.