A Definitive Minute

"That's it; I get it now!" Or so you think. In any given minute, you think you have solved the mysteries of the universe, or at least your own personal dilemmas. And in the next, having spun out your life as a paved gold road, you go on with your day. But trouble comes, trouble goes and before you know, insight has abandoned you. You're back to puzzling, scratching your head and wondering why. "Why is traffic always heaviest when I'm late? Why can't anyone treat me as loving as I do others?"

Definitive Minutes, they pass by…they come and go… Doesn't mean you aren't wise or that life's experiences are wasted. It simply means you have learned something. But it also means you have much more to learn and experience…"HOW MUCH MORE?" You ask…as long as you are alive, your are learning.