Every Round...

Could not do this just this justice if I tried and yet I Must TRY!

This energy, this essence of us requires an exercising, a daily working. Music is evidence that we are far more than facts and figures. Anyone can sing - and not everyone needs a stage. Anyone can repeat words have sang and feel the expression the original writer intended. We are all one when it comes to expressing what is in us. We are all artists and craftsmen and brilliant dancers. But why aren’t we doing this? Why is our world in chaos?

Every round goes higher and higher…every day, every second is an opportunity to do “better.” But who judges, who measures what qualifies as better? You do. But why does my effort to do better producing “better?” It’s not because you haven’t tried and it isn’t simply because “resistance” exists within and without. Sit with any person who has taken the title of musician, dancer or visual artist and you will find they either practice (I practice in my head far more than I do in actual effort) insane amounts of time or they constantly make mistakes…matter of fact, the two go hand-in-hand. The effort is a lesson and in every effort, there exists the opportunity for improvement.

Masterpieces are snippets of time; they capture - some say, an artist’s best effort. I say it is a long line of effort, captured in a snippet. A dance, a castle or cathedral is only a moment. We are constantly in the process of creating and shifting and building and tearing down to make something new.

What's New

Currently playing: "What's New" as played by Roy Hargrove, on his release "Approaching Standards." What an incredible musician! I wouldn't say I had lost hope of "jazz innovators" at the time, but the pickings were slim. This was mid-90's and everyone was gravitating to "smooth jazz." I wasn't so much against it, but for me it lacked that "pop" and "BAMM" derived from someone just going at it with all the umph they could muster! That's jazz, pure essential, gut wrenching, yet soulful creativity! Roy did that, all of his career, he was cutting edge!

It's Sunday evening and I'm preparing to get back to 'the grind.' The last thing I want to do is pack bags, vitamins, gym clothes and mentally prepare for long arduous days! But for now, this is how I "pay the bills." No wonder so many look for 'easier' ways out; unfortunately, not many people realize we all have the potential to change our circumstances and proper our individual, familial and community to higher heights if we would simply exercise our own individual talents! Me? I write - and I render colors and textures in oil paint, acrylic and pastel. I am masterful at what I do, mostly working intuitively. I truly get "high off my own supply" - my images and the colors and textures are intense. More so are the ideas behind them. Profound "jazz-like" images, cryptic titles…

You see, the edges are present in my life; the highs and lows, the sensual thoughts and spirit-filled conversations with my God. There are times I would rather curl up in bed, than face some of the difficulties I have in my life, but a lesson learned so many years ago: these demons must be faced, and at times embraced!

I won't always sit in "someone else's desk." The day will come when all of these words and images will be set free and liberate me at the same time. Images, Words are my freedom and my jazz highs and lows…

Space Problems

I made a purchase recently and it fulfilled a long standing wish; I purchased a “Dryden Art and Canvas Keeper Large Floor Model with Casters/Handle.” (I’m putting the full description in there so if you’re interested, you might do a search for it yourself and because it’s a great product). I hung a 23” x 36” shelf years ago to store my paintings - some of them! Even at the time, I was “storage compromised!” I used storage bins to put my unframed drawings. But they would get bent a little and required better storage. Then another storage bin was ‘snagged’ from the family supply.

I put on a couple exhibits last year and framed some of the works on paper as well as the canvas work. My 12” depth shelf was stretched to the max! There were weeks where my ‘surplus’ of paintings extended into the living room, and out of the storage bins and on the floor. Movement in my studio is always limited to a span of 40” x 48” and I always have to move stuff around to get to works in progress.

I excitedly assembled my latest purchase yesterday - trying to anticipate how this would enhance my space. But as I did, I considered what needed to be tossed, moved around and - the most critical issue: how many paintings would realistically fit on this mobile selfing unit…12, maybe less, not necessarily more…I completed the task, looked at the shelving unit and loaded it up with paintings…

You know, a constant reminder (life lesson) is “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” It is amazing that if you continue to put one foot in front of the other, soon you will be much further down the “path” than you could imagine! You see, years ago, the idea that I would have more than 20 paintings and drawings available seems far fetched. Even at the time, I probably had more than 20 but didn’t know it. I have been drawing and painting since I left college nearly 40 years ago, but it really didn’t seem like I was. I have given away as much as I have sold and lost sight of a few pieces…and yet, here I am, filling up one beautiful shelving unit, maximizing another and trying fo figure out how to store more.

Space problems, but well worth every bit of stress!

By the way, you could help me resolve this problem! Go to eddielhudsonartist.com and find something that touches your spirit. Prices are posted and everything (and more) is available for sale!