After While

This passes
Though in the moment
I can’t imagine it does
The feelings
the anxious thoughts
And sense that dark night never ends

It will be all over
After while
When there is no more night
when the sense of distance
and alienation aren’t a memory
when friend and foe
alike sit at the same table
and at the foot of the King

When the light never dims
and soaring hearts reign
when gold crowns
well earned
through days of endless pain
and exhausting devotion
give way to a throne shining
The one seated there
receiving the crowns we earned
because He earned them through our efforts
and His spirit…


What does it teach? What is it’s ‘lesson,’ it’s goal?

I can tell you it feels like a ‘reset’ is necessary…all too often we don’t think about the brick wall until we have come to face. The path of Life is most often a maze where we only ‘think’ we know the end goal. All too often, we have made short wins - “let me get this one thing and I’ll be ____!” The path to ‘it’ seems clear, sometimes steps away and yet, even as we approach it, a barrier or what seems like a small distraction or minor occurrence finds us either off the path or completely blocked. We feel the tug of loss, the sense that satisfaction, a sense of exploration is limited.