Musing and Energy

Personal space
Give in or fight like hell…

Your touch
Doesn’t ask permission
Inopportune and persuasive
I resist
And without warning
You’re gone

I long for your presence
Crave it like a cold body craves heat
We’re not like that
You think you run the show

Used to find you near
When the rest of the world slept
you showed up
But that song and dance
A distant memory

Out of the blue
“something out of nothing’
There you ARE

Cold hands
Warm heart
you mesmerize
And I have to give in

Spinning Top

The Elements 1
The energy that is around me is a spinning bit of energy. But it’s orbit feels off kilter, as if it should be aligned, rolling sequentially and harmonically. My hands feel ill equipped to change or alter the rotation, though Lord knows I’ve tried. And this is the story of my life.

I don’t sit back and wait, though at times, I wish I could - or had. I jump in, mess things up, try again, pray, beg, plead and try again. I ask for help, people, ancestors, God and at times, the sense is: “not yet.” But “yet” seems too far away, so I try again, or sit impatiently, waiting, looking for any type of change.