One Step

River rocks 2.1River Rocks 2.2River Rocks 2.3

Just take one step, that’s all…

One step
One breath
Allow yourself one more frustrating
Fractured step…

…it’s further than you were before
Though it wasn’t your best
It was a step

Before you know it,
you really will walk across the floor!

Trust Your Shoes

Trust Your Shoes

They know the way to go
your journey has twists and dips
and the way is rocky
you’re going to need some protection
they are close to the surface

Trust your shoes
When the rain
and snowfalls come
When the heat of the sun is burning your head
heating your thoughts
you’ll need protection for your feet
‘cause they will need to keep going

Trust your shoes
‘cause your toes are there
Needing to go on
Needing the journey to come to an end

Trust your shoes
In this journey called life
We have a long ways to go
And your feet can’t bear the weight all alone