Ride the Wave

What persuades someone to get on a board to stand on that same plank and “ride the wave?” Seriously, I don’t know and for the time being, I’m hardly interested in knowing first hand! But I do know that a tidal wave is rising in front of me, at this very moment! I do know on the other side of it is a sense of accomplishment if nothing else. I do know I can stay in an easy chair and let this thing submerge me…

But, oh I know I’m made of bigger things. On more than a few occasions, I have seen what others cannot see and DONE what I could not in common times. I have seen me in a quick vision in the back seat of a limousine, while speeding through a toll booth (the road disappearing for a few seconds around me). I have lifted weight that at other times I said I would have to “build up to.” I have pushed cars out of snow when I was a skinny teenager…why give up/in now?

This wave is coming fast and I would love to say I have the balls to face it down. I don’t know I just know I’m moving on a gut instinct that will not allow fear to stop me. I’m riding this wave!