It’s been months since I posted anything here…life happens and turns in ways far too numerous to reiterate. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s the world we live in. There are ‘undiscovered’ tribes of people in this world we may never come to know about. But they are no less significant than all of us living in this seemingly ‘connected’ labyrinth of a world!

Life happens…that feels like a theme. I began this year, writing on my white board, plans and goals for this year. Some were realized, some remain hanging in the ether, to be realized at a later date…or maybe not. What I didn’t anticipate was the load a ‘possibility’ could be. A suggestion from an artist friend, an avenue to explore should the path open up. A channel to increased sales and revenue. So I ventured down that path. I can sum up the activities of this year as laying foundations, building roads, curves, putting up street signs that I hope lead me (and others) down a path to greater possibility!

I have known most of my life that I loved the idea of both the business as well as the creative. I have loved the idea of connecting to others as an artist and writer, but also as an individual providing shelter, comfort and a safe and sympathetic ear…the possibilities that open as you explore these aspects of ‘self!’ And I did anticipate that combining the two was ideal, but something difficult to manage. It’s been a very challenging year, diving into the world of art and business! More of that at a later date!